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    7 Ways to prevent a business lockout

    Posted on: May 31st, 2022 by admin No Comments

    Maintaining a business is not an easy job. Maintaining the company’s security is the most crucial part of your business, as your profit and loss of the business can entirely depend on a proper lock system. This article will help you learn seven ways to prevent a business lockout, whether it is a small or big business. This guidance will help you to deal with all types of business. Commercial Locksmith in Hollywood, FL, can be a problem solver for the mentioned situations.

    prevent business lockout

    Repair the damaged lock system of your business

    Whether the company is small or big, to prevent a business lockout, the most important thing is to repair the damaged lock. Commercial Locksmith in Hollywood, FL, under Half Price Locksmith, can quickly restore your damaged lock. A damaged lock can easily breach your security, so it is essential to repair it as early as possible to secure the stored items inside your warehouse or store.

    Keep your lock rustproof

    Keeping the lock rustproof can prevent business lockout. Painting the lock will prevent rusting also. There are rust-free locks available in the market, which you can install with the help of a commercial locksmith in Hollywood, Fl, to prevent a business lockout.

    Use the digital lock to maintain the security system

    Digital lock comes with an advanced security system that will help you to prevent a business lockout. A digital lock generally comes with a biometric system which opens the door generally through a password or fingerprint. It also has an in-built alarm in-built that can become handy during the time of an emergency. A digital lock also runs on battery, so it will inform you beforehand when the battery will die, which gives you ample time to replace it by contacting a commercial locksmith in Hollywood, FL, under Half Price Locksmith.

    Keep the spare key handy

    You can experience business lockout if you suddenly forget to carry the primary key to unlock your warehouse or shop. So, always keep your spare key in your office bag or your car so that you can enter the shop on time. If you have a big company and a security guard, you also must keep the spare key handy if the main key suddenly breaks. If you forget to carry your spare key in this situation, you can quickly contact a commercial locksmith in Hollywood, FL. They will open the deadlock in no time with their expert hands.

    Replace your key if it is not working correctly

    Often, the key troubles unlocking the door that may create a hindrance to starting your business. To avoid business lockout, you can easily replace or repair your key by contacting a commercial locksmith in Hollywood, FL.

    Maintain the lock system regularly

    Checking the lock system monthly or weekly is not a troublesome process because it will help prevent a business lockout. To maintain a lock, you have only to add oil or grease to lubricate it. To avoid business lockout at least once a month, you should lubricate your locks. If you think it is a tremendous job for your big company, you can easily contact a commercial locksmith in Hollywood, FL, to do the job.

    Install a lock that can work both with key and keyless

    A lock with biometric and key systems can prevent a business lockout. A commercial locksmith in Hollywood, FL, can easily install these locks for you at an affordable rate.

    So, to prevent a business lockout, you should follow these seven tips. Even after following them, if you experience a business lockout, you should contact Half Price Locksmith. Then their commercial locksmith in Hollywood, FL, will repair the lock system in no time.

    Rekey vs Changing Locks

    Posted on: May 6th, 2022 by admin No Comments

    Rekey and changing a lock are not the same, but they are pretty similar. However, they stand out in their way and can be helpful to a person judging their need. Here, you will know what lock security type will be best for you considering specific scenarios. Lock rekey means the safety will remain the same, but Half Price Locksmith’s Locksmith Hollywood FL will change the key. Changing the lock means changing the entire lock system and the key by the Locksmith Hollywood FL. If you are confused about whether you need to rekey or change the lock, you may find the answer here.

    Lock Cylinder with keys

    Buying or renting a house for your family

    If you are buying or renting a new house, it will be wise to change the entire lock rather than rekeying it. Rekeying will only change the key so none can make entry into your home without the present key, but it will not upgrade the security of your home. If you change the entire lock, it will elevate the house’s security. But if you think that only changing the key will be budget-friendly for you, you should opt for rekeying as it will not allow former vital holders to access the room. Locksmith Hollywood FL suggests opting for a changing lock if you move into a new house.

    Giving rent to your house to new tenants 

    If you are a house owner and rent your apartment, you should opt for rekeying before letting the room or the apartment to the new tenants. Rekeying will not allow any intruders to enter the apartment if the previous tenant loses the key or make a copy of the key without acknowledging you. Rekeying will keep the house safe even if there are no inhabitants or new tenants. If your apartment is far from your present house, it will be wise to change the lock with the help of Locksmith Hollywood FL, as it will increase the home’s security.

    You lost the key to your safe

    Suppose you lost the key to your treasure box and it has important documents and jewellery in it. In that case, it will be wise to change the lock by contacting Half Price Locksmith as they have skilled Locksmith Hollywood FL to upgrade the security of the safe box. even if any robbers or stealers get the hand of the key, it will be of no use. To enhance the security of your treasure box, you should change the lock rather than rekeying it.

    Repair the lock system from Locksmith Hollywood FL

    If you want to repair the old lock system of your commercial or residential building, it will be wise to change the entire lock system as it will increase the security of the building. If you contact Locksmith Hollywood FL for rekeying, they will change the key, not allowing the old key to unlock the lock. However, if you opt for changing the lock system, you can increase your house’s security by upgrading it with a digital lock with high security and an in-built alarm in them with the help of Locksmith Hollywood FL.

    So, judging the situation, you can choose either the rekey or change the lock system for your building. If you wonder what will be best, you should contact Half Price Company as they have expert Locksmith Hollywood FL who will guide you the best.

    Qualities of a Professional Locksmith in Hollywood FL

    Posted on: April 26th, 2017 by admin No Comments


    The services of a locksmith are quite important that nobody can deny. Their needs among customers are quite varied, and depending on the type of locks and other security systems they work on, their skills also vary. In most of the cases, locksmiths specialize in either residential or commercial locksmith services. Whatever the kind of services required, it is important to be careful when hiring the services of a Locksmith in Hollywood FL, which should be according to certain standards so that unprofessional services are not hired to do the job.

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    Four things to remember before hiring a Hollywood locksmith FL

    Posted on: August 13th, 2015 by admin No Comments

    When you are planning to hire a locksmith there are some points that you must remember for your own benefit. In this blog, we are about to share 4 important clues that will help you as a good suggestion (not advice) as you initiate to hire the professional from the locale.

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