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    As the name starts with panic, it is pretty understandable that a panic bar is generally installed in the door to unlock the door just by a push during an emergency. A panic bar is primarily famous for doors of commercial buildings. Even nowadays, people install them in their residential buildings to follow the safety measures. If you are planning a Panic Bar Installation, you must read this article to know how companies like Commercial Locksmith Hollywood FL are in demand to install the panic bar.

    Safe and secure

    Installing a panic bar makes the building safe and secure, especially during an emergency. So if you are planning a Panic Bar Installation at the fire exit or the main entrance of the community hall, you are in the right direction.

    A panic bar can be of many types. You can choose concealed vertical rod panic bar, a side latch panic bar, or even a vertical rod panic bar. If you are wondering which will be the best for your door, then Commercial Locksmith Hollywood FL will be the best to guide you.

    Easy to operate

    As the name suggests, it is mainly for emergency use, and if the room has a gathering of more than 80 people, it will be wise to contact a locksmith for a Panic Bar Installation. When there is a crowded gathering in a small area, people can panic even if there is a small flame.

    There can be severe issues like fire breakout, gas leakage, tornado, or even an earthquake where a panic bar will be best to let all the people out within the crunched timing. Therefore while installing a panic bar, keep in mind that to unlatch the door, you must not need to put force more than 15 pounds, making it accessible for the seniors and children.

    Easy to install

    If you are planning for a Panic Bar Installation, then Commercial Locksmith Hollywood FL can help you with that. You can install a panic bar according to your door level but try to keep it above a minimum of 35 inches above the ground floor. Also, as this is specially designed to handle emergencies, try not to install another locking system along with the panic bar.

    With a panic bar, you can install a control egress lock. It will help you raise the alarm automatically whenever someone presses the panic bar, which will help raise awareness amidst all. You can install a panic bar on any of your doors as a variety of panic bar is available in the market.

    Easy to repair

    If your panic bar troubles you, you can contact Commercial Locksmith Hollywood FL, which improves your panic bar cost-effectively. The screws and nuts used in the panic bar are widely available in the market, so you don’t have to worry about the availability of spare parts.


    Panic bar installation is cost-effective in the long run. It works perfectly fine for a long time and is easy to operate. If you install a panic bar from a licensed locksmith, then according to your budget, you can have within $500 to $1200 according to your desired design. You can install the lock itself, but it is wise to hire a certified locksmith to avoid any faults in the installation.

    So, if you are an owner of an office or in charge of a community hall, even for a school, it is wise to plan for a Panic Bar Installation. You can consult with Commercial Locksmith Hollywood FL, which has the best certified, skilled locksmith and provide the best service to their customers.

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