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    Rekey vs Changing Locks

    Posted on: May 6th, 2022 by admin No Comments

    Rekey and changing a lock are not the same, but they are pretty similar. However, they stand out in their way and can be helpful to a person judging their need. Here, you will know what lock security type will be best for you considering specific scenarios. Lock rekey means the safety will remain the same, but Half Price Locksmith’s Locksmith Hollywood FL will change the key. Changing the lock means changing the entire lock system and the key by the Locksmith Hollywood FL. If you are confused about whether you need to rekey or change the lock, you may find the answer here.

    Lock Cylinder with keys

    Buying or renting a house for your family

    If you are buying or renting a new house, it will be wise to change the entire lock rather than rekeying it. Rekeying will only change the key so none can make entry into your home without the present key, but it will not upgrade the security of your home. If you change the entire lock, it will elevate the house’s security. But if you think that only changing the key will be budget-friendly for you, you should opt for rekeying as it will not allow former vital holders to access the room. Locksmith Hollywood FL suggests opting for a changing lock if you move into a new house.

    Giving rent to your house to new tenants 

    If you are a house owner and rent your apartment, you should opt for rekeying before letting the room or the apartment to the new tenants. Rekeying will not allow any intruders to enter the apartment if the previous tenant loses the key or make a copy of the key without acknowledging you. Rekeying will keep the house safe even if there are no inhabitants or new tenants. If your apartment is far from your present house, it will be wise to change the lock with the help of Locksmith Hollywood FL, as it will increase the home’s security.

    You lost the key to your safe

    Suppose you lost the key to your treasure box and it has important documents and jewellery in it. In that case, it will be wise to change the lock by contacting Half Price Locksmith as they have skilled Locksmith Hollywood FL to upgrade the security of the safe box. even if any robbers or stealers get the hand of the key, it will be of no use. To enhance the security of your treasure box, you should change the lock rather than rekeying it.

    Repair the lock system from Locksmith Hollywood FL

    If you want to repair the old lock system of your commercial or residential building, it will be wise to change the entire lock system as it will increase the security of the building. If you contact Locksmith Hollywood FL for rekeying, they will change the key, not allowing the old key to unlock the lock. However, if you opt for changing the lock system, you can increase your house’s security by upgrading it with a digital lock with high security and an in-built alarm in them with the help of Locksmith Hollywood FL.

    So, judging the situation, you can choose either the rekey or change the lock system for your building. If you wonder what will be best, you should contact Half Price Company as they have expert Locksmith Hollywood FL who will guide you the best.

    How To Keep Your Storage Units In Dania Beach Safe

    Posted on: January 24th, 2022 by admin No Comments

    A storage unit is a blessing of modern technology. While you cannot find a proper way to keep your goods safe in the factory, you hire a warehouse. Storage unit safeguards your goods in the warehouse. In Dania Beach, there are thousands of warehouses. A warehouse is a sensitive zone. You must place high security here. Still, there are cases of breach of security in the storage units in Dania beach. Business owners are finding ways to keep their storage units safe. Let’s check out some easy ways to keep your storage units safe. Before that, let’s find out whether you can keep the storage unit safe.

    Keep storage unit safe at Dania Beach FL with Half Price Locksmith.


    Are Storage Units Secure?

    Whether a storage unit is secure strictly depends on what the company and the customers do to prevent theft. At first, you must choose a storage unit that comes with multiple features. These features include the matter of safety as well. So, as a business owner, you should know how many kinds of storage units there are. Only then can you properly secure your storage units at Dania beach.


    Hardened Steel Disc Locks

    Disc locks provide a challenge to any prospective thief. They can take a significant amount of time, effort, and equipment to break through that may discourage the thief from even trying. These locks provide anti-pick, anti-drill, or other high-level security mechanisms by fitting around your storage unit door latch.

    It’s hard to destroy for its hardened exterior as it’s resistant to the cutting of any other method of destruction.


    Recessed Cylinder Locks

    When it comes to securing storage units at Dania beach, using a recessed cylinder lock is a great option. They’re built directly into your unit’s front door. None can cut them off as they stick out of the doorframe strictly.

    As a further step in protection, some storage facilities replace the entire lock after each tenant’s use. Other self-storage providers simply request a return of any lock keys, so be sure to inquire before purchasing.


    Closed-Shackle Padlock

    Padlocks that are closed-shackle have thicker and shorter metal links. A bolt cutter wouldn’t ever be successful in cutting them without modern tools.

    These locks come with a variety of security features. Resettable code, double-bolted shackles, and corrosion-resistant metal are some of the varieties. They’re effective in protecting storage units at Dania beach.


    Some Other Ideas For Securing Storage Units At Dania Beach

    Some other ways to secure your storage units include:


    A Digital Surveillance System

    Experts prefer a digital surveillance system for recording the activity 24×7. Be sure to ask what kind of surveillance the facility in question provides. Surveillance that is stored digitally is superior to tape storage because the digital option offers the best quality of video with little risk of coverage lapse.


    Efficient Lighting

    When the area is properly illuminated, you can keep it safe from any security breach. To keep your storage units at Dania beach safe, this is indeed an effective measure. A well-lit area deters crime.

    Call The Expert to Keep Your Storage Unit Safe in Dania Beach : Half Price Locksmith 

    If you’ve already figured out how to keep your storage unit safe, call a locksmith Dania Beach. Half price Locksmith is a great option for you. They provide flawless service at an affordable price. Have faith in the experts and make a wise choice. After all, the warehouse is the backbone of your business.

    How Can You Avoid Some Common Lockout Situations?

    Posted on: December 2nd, 2021 by admin No Comments

    Lockouts are some most common situations that we go through frequently. This is indeed an unavoidable issue that we all fight with. We continue to battle with our minds to remember the existence of the key in the pocket. Yet, we fail to remember at last. Thus, we end up with very silly lockout situations. So, the leading lockout service near Hollywood FL, Half-price Locksmith is always beside you to assist you in such a dire situation of lockout. They have made a survey that let us know the stupidest mistakes that people do which lead them to a lockout.

    Let’s check out those situations. Keep checking on yourself so that you don’t fall victim to such situations.

    auto lockout service near me




    Losing your keys at home

    Losing keys at home is the frequent issue of a lockout. When you are adapted to a habit of keeping your keys at a place, you often battle with such things. When it’s Monday morning and you’re in a terrible hurry, you’re often misled and forget to take all things together. Sometimes, it’s your car keys. Leaving it behind drags you on to a serious tough situation. So, try to keep a keyring that you can hang from your waist or with a bag. This will help you keep the key with yourself all the time.


    Locking Your Keys In The Car

    A habit of not keeping your keys with yourself falls you in trouble repeatedly. When you’re in a terrible hurry, you often forget to take your keys with you. “Leaving the keys in the car is the most common thing that happens with people,” says lockout service near hollywood fl. They have rescued many people who have been locked out of the car. In most of the cases, they’ve met the key after opening the car door. Though it seems the worst-case scenario, this seems nothing when you’ll listen to the next one.


    Losing Your Keys At Work

    Nothing beats this scenario. When you lose keys at home, you can move around the world to find your keys, the same happens with the car as well. But, what about the time when you lose your keys at work? You can not search all the corners and eventually you end up losing your keys forever sometimes. So, you need to ensure that your keys are with you when you’re leaving the workplace. Half-price lockout service near hollywood fl says that you should be enough careful before you leave your workplace.


    Breaking Your Key In The Lock

    Yes, it happens. It so often happens that you get panicked easily. This is the time you call an expert lockout service near hollywood fl. There is no other way rather than to call an expert.


    Call An Expert Of Lockout Service Near Hollywood FL

    Half-price Locksmith is an expert for lockout service near hollywood fl. Whenever you find stuck yourself in any situation mentioned above, call a professional from Half-price Locksmith. They reach your place as soon as possible and help you out of such a difficult situation as soon as possible. We charge a minimum amount. So, don’t worry till we’re beside you.


    Precautions That Locksmith Hollywood Florida Services Are Maintaining During The Pandemic

    Posted on: September 6th, 2021 by admin No Comments

    Since 2020, our life has become too topsy-turvy. We’ve been taught lots of new norms and we’ve been continuously trying to adapt them. Each of the emergency and necessary services nowadays is getting adapted to the new norms. Let’s see what the best locksmith Hollywood Florida is maintaining. Half Price Locksmith is one of the leading services in Florida. They’ve listed some crucial norms to maintain in this dire situation. Ask your hired service whether they’re taking these necessary precautions adequately.

    Locksmith Hollywood Florida

    Half price Locksmith wearing face mask and checking body temperature during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


    Sanitization Before Service

    Sanitization is the most important thing to consider when this dangerous virus is out there. Half Price Locksmith is not leaving any chance of the intrusion of this virus. They’re sanitizing the area before starting their operations.


    Using Mask

    The use of masks is very essential during this time. From the time of entering your house to the moment they leave, they never wear off the mask. The experts at the best locksmith Hollywood Florida are taking the usage of masks of utmost importance.


    Using Head Caps

    The experts at Half Price Locksmith are using the head caps. This is one of the most useful tools that people are using nowadays. It helps us maintain sufficient distance from people around us. So, head caps are indeed a crucial tool.


    Sanitization Of The Agency

    Careful agencies are giving utmost importance to regular sanitization. They’re sanitizing their office buildings for better safety purposes. Regular sanitization ensures the professionals’ safety as well.


    Regular Health Check-Up

    Regular health checks up in the leading locksmith Hollywood Florida ensures their employees’ safety. Besides, the clients can hire them without a second thought. Regular check-up ensures their safety as well. If any unusual occurrence is noticed, regular health check-up detects the issue easily.

    Periodical Corona Test

    The locksmiths at the leading locksmith agency in Florida are going through a periodical corona test. So, the clients are safe and secure from the virus. Any tiny symptoms are very alarming and the agency is taking the person into quarantine.


    Workshops About Maintaining Precautions

    Agencies like Half Price Locksmith are arranging workshops for maintaining necessary precautions. The expert doctors from leading hospitals are visiting the agency and teaching them important precautionary measures. They’re helping the locksmiths to maintain safety and security.


    Vaccination Drive

    The leading locksmith Hollywood Florida is arranging a vaccination drive for their employees. These vaccination programs are being arranged every month and securing employee safety.


    Half Price Locksmith: Your Ultimate Choice During The Pandemic

    If you’re worried about your safety during the pandemic, let the best of bets get into action. Half Price Locksmith is an experienced locksmith agency in Florida and operational in many provinces of the USA. They’re completely aware of the present situation and as the most recommended locksmith Hollywood Florida is maintaining all the necessary precautions.

    They’ve already completed their vaccination drive and all the employees are completely shielded. So, there is no worry about the virus between your locksmith and you. Have faith in the best locksmith Hollywood Florida. Keep your home and dear ones safe from burglars and the virus.

    How to make your car more secure?

    Posted on: June 18th, 2021 by admin No Comments
    Car Unlock Services Near Me

    Americans love two things the most, fast food and fast cars. Nearly 34% of Americans own a car. Making over 200 million Americans registered drivers. And this is not even counting the average family of 4 who uses the car. In suburban areas, it is impossible to commute without a car. And cars have been the most famous graduation gift all over America. Under these circumstances, it is important to know how to keep your valuable asset safe and secure. The first rule is to “Never Self Repair”. Whether it is some car trouble or you have locked yourself out, call for help first. A quick “car unlock services near me” search on your phone will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

    Next is the maintenance of the car. Cars are marvellous pieces of technology that need extra care and caution. For your own safety and the cars, you should always use caution while driving and while parking. Also, avoid parking in open unguarded spaces. Paying for a valet is much more cost-efficient than paying for a stolen car. Always keep your security system up to date and install extra alarms and GPS tracker for more safety. This will catch the attention of people around you in case someone tries to break into your car. And if this ever happens, change your car locks immediately as they could be damaged or even duplicated. Search for “car unlock services near me” and look for locksmiths near you who do rekey and lock replacement for cars.

    Car Unlock Services Near Me

    What safety measures can you take?

    There are various other steps that you can take to ensure the better safety of your car. By using window shades you prevent people from peering inside your car. This prevents the leakage of any private information that might be lying around your car. And also discourages thugs from breaking in because they don’t know what is inside. If you don’t have window shade, then try not to keep any belongings on display. Keep everything in the trunk of your car or beneath your car seat. This way you stay wary of any unwanted attention. If your locks are malfunctioning or faulty then get a car locksmith to check them out. In your “car unlock services near me” search results always go for options that have more positive reviews and experiences. Faulty or malfunctioning locks can cause accidents where you can get locked in or out of your car.

    Best car unlock services reviews in Hollywood, FL

    Half Price Locksmith is a trustable car unlock service near Hollywood, Florida. With a business experience of over two decades, Half Price Locksmith has been one of the community favourites. Because they believe in authentic and affordable service which is available all round the clock. From rekeying of locks to car unlocking, Half Price locksmiths are available 24×7 for emergency purposes. Apart from car unlock services, they also provide residential lock solutions. Thus, next time when you search for a trustable locksmith near Hollywood, FL, on your “car unlock services near me” search, you know whom to choose!

    Find Locksmith in Hollywood, FL

    Posted on: May 24th, 2021 by admin No Comments
    Locksmith Services Near Me

    Are you someone who checks if their car is locked three times before they leave the parking lot? Do you often make sure every exit of your house is locked before going out? Are you extra careful about your security and your budget? Then you are in the right place! If you live in Hollywood, Florida, you understand how important it is to have a robust security system. You might have searched “locksmith services near me” several times on your phone even. But as we all know, finding a reliable locksmith service can be a hard task due to scamsters.

    Locksmiths are one of the few people who are given access to the security systems of our house, office and cars. Because of the sensitive nature of the work, it is important for customers to fully trust the locksmith. It can be potentially dangerous to call up any locksmith that pops on your screen when you search “locksmith services near me”. In a stressful lockout situation, calling the first option available without running a background check can leave you vulnerable.

    Therefore it is always important to go for a thoroughly vetted and recommended locksmith service, preferably an organisation that has some regulations.

    Because when you hire someone right off the bat, with a preliminary search of “locksmiths near me” you leave yourself vulnerable. For scamsters and fraudulent people often take advantage of stressful situations and try to gain access to your security system and overcharge you. The best way to avoid this is to go for trusted professional locksmith services. If you are a resident of Hollywood, Florida, it is important that you have a locksmith contact handy for emergencies.

    Locksmith Services Near Me

    Locksmith Services Near Hollywood, FL

    Half Price Locksmith is a family-run professional locksmith service that caters to customers in Hollywood, Florida and nearby areas. Half Price Locksmith, Hollywood, Florida has been a trusted name in the business for decades now. With over twenty years of experience, Half Price locksmith has hundreds of satisfied customers all over Hollywood, Florida. They specialise in providing emergency lockout and rekeying services. Half Price Locksmith also provides other vital services like commercial residential lock system installations, rekey locks of cars and doors. Half Price Locksmith also understands how important it is for their customers to trust them. This is why they are currently members of the Better Business Bureau. So that when you see their name on your “locksmith services near me” list, you can be assured of their authenticity.

    Finding a trustable locksmith is a hardship in big cities. Because of the crime rate and the tendency of fraudulent people roaming around. It is also difficult to understand whether the professional you are hiring is authentic or not. So Better Business Bureau as an organization ensures that they have completely trustworthy members. As an organization, Better Business Bureau ensures that its members adhere to a policy of transparent business and fair service. So when you see a Better Business Bureau accredited locksmith, like Half Price Locksmith, on your “locksmith services near me” search results, you can be assured of their reliability.

    About Half Price Locksmith

    About Us

    Half Price Locksmith is a service provider, providing 24/7 locksmith service all over Hollywood FL since 1996. Our business owner Sharon T established the company considering the ever-growing need and demand of a reliable locksmith service in the city. Here we understand how the security of your family matters to you. Half Price Locksmith assures that your home will be highly protected with our top-notch services. For every requirement, we have a solution to offer. Lock picking, automobile, and residential locksmith, you get every possible locksmith job done smoothly and quickly with the help of our specialized professionals. You can avail our fast and finest service with a single phone call. We promise you a fair and fixed price from us. Half Price Locksmith doesn’t charge you extra for our late night services. Our experts look for customer satisfaction and thus we take pride in our commitment and quality.

    Why we stand apart from others?

    • We have a team of experienced and proficient locksmiths prepared to assist you
    • We use the latest technology for your service
    • Our workers are screened for criminal background, drugs and driving record
    • Our employees can be easily recognized with uniform and badges
    • Our state-of-the-art training facility
    • High Security Locks
    • Padlocks
    • High Security Cylinders
    • Safes
    • Jimmy Proof Locks
    • Garage Door Cylinders
    • Deadbolts (single & double)
    • Garage Door Locks
    • Door Knob Lock
    • Mailbox Locks
    • Mortise Locks
    • Door Closers
    • Combination Locks
    • Commercial Locks
    • Keyless Door Lock
    • Fire Exit Locks
    • Auto Locks
    • Panic Bar

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